newborns.  bellies.  babies

-I was born and raised in Melbourne,FL and   relocated to Charlotte area in 2020 to finally   have seasons
-I met my husband when I was 18 yrs old
-we went through 3.5 yrs of infertility treatment
 to have our first child, we now have 3 kids!
-baby #2 and #3 were complete surprises
-we traveled the world when my husband played
 professional baseball for 16 years
-i looooove to take naps
-I don't enjoy having my picture taken
-I'm a theme park and adrenaline junkie
-Firewood burning is my favorite smell
-I consider shopping a hobby... and napping
-I never aspired to be a photographer but now   can't imagine my life without it

the nitty gritty...