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I am a mommy to 2 sweet little girls, Faith and Peyton and in 2016 had my boy, Jacoby. They make my heart swell, and then some.
I love baseball, my husband has a lot to do with that!
I usually never know the date, but remember my schedule based on what shoot I have and where, or by who's pitching on my favorite team
My love for yorkies is nearly sickening, I have 2 of the cutest pups ever, Lexi and Koufax (after Sandy Koufax, of course!)
I hate to do laundry, but find it less intimidating if I listen to Michael Bublé while folding
I often cook to music that accompanies my meal, spaghetti calls for italian music, always!
I was born and raised in Melbourne, FL. but would love to relocate someday to somewhere that has 4 seasons
Starbucks' yearly release of the pumpkin spice latté marks my favorite time of year, fall
I've been blessed to have traveled a lot in my life thus far. Athens, for the '04 Olympics, and Paris mark my favorites to date
My "favorite" US cities are 95% based on the food/restaurants I visited while there
I often wonder if I'd be able to survive without my Apple products, they simplify my life like nothing else could
I love country music, Keith Urban is my all time favorite artist

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